About Us.

I am a "marginalized artist" and an architectural designer


Indifferent Art Ward-It is a brand-new light blog platform conceived and constructed by Mr. Xu Mingxuan (XMX) during the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in 2020. The purpose is to discuss and share relevant information about people's life, work, art, culture, and trend of thought in the new era. Due to the background of the architectural designer, in daily work and life, I will be exposed to a lot of art and related information, and these information will be transmitted through XMX re-interpretation and decomposition. At the same time, it will also select some good daily necessities, artworks and digital products, furniture, etc. encountered in work and life for the public, and provide corresponding discounts and purchase methods. The main part of the platform is to record the work, life and art-related views and speculation of XMX through VLOG short video, and also hope to communicate and share the beauty of life with more people.

The Indifference Art Ward is to record and reflect on the current trend of contemporary young people. Who of us living in the city can say that he is "not sick"? ? ? ? ?



Behind Our Scenes.
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