Get along with yourself



"At this stage of our life, we already know what we like and hate. Enjoy as much as you like, and don't do anything if you hate."


This is by no means a willful and excessive self-expression, this is our definition and requirement of our life in each stage. But many times we are often in the stage of not doing what we want, because the reason is not enough "tolerance". Most people will be surprised, should this be too inclusive to lose themselves? In fact, "tolerance" does not mean tolerance, tolerance, or compromise. Instead, he accepts from the heart what he does n’t like or is familiar with, and allows it to exist, but he still wo n’t do it.


So "tolerance" refers to the way of getting along, not your own claims and judgments. Do what you like, don't do what you don't like. But it can be accepted that there is such a wise stage.


Allowing you to look back on your life and live in peace with your past, does that mean you can tolerate anything? Those ridiculous, ignorant, childish and even selfish selves can never be eliminated. So accept him and smile with him. Then treat yourself with trueness, confidence, warmth, and peace.

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