Preface-Nanjing Jingjian Lawyer Museum

"Law is a system composed of rules." So "system" is drawn into the construction space to constitute a very important key point of the system. In the "system" there will inevitably be different rules and regulations. We have been thinking about how to show the logic of abstract legal instruments to more people and help them establish a legal framework and preliminary perception logic. So "framework" and "system" have become our entry points to try to build space.

We make use of wood and strips of varying lengths to build a frame structure inside the space. And this asymmetric and regular frame structure is what we want to express the "legal system perception". Under such a physical structure, visitors can see the beams and columns of different lengths and staggered and superimposed on each other, which is also derived from the deformation of the Chinese arch structure. By finding visual common points, allowing visitors to perceive the accumulation and familiarity of self-culture, dispel the strangeness and resistance generated by some visitors who are not familiar with legal knowledge, and also hope to quickly draw visitors into their familiar environment in.

We adjusted the traditional techniques and used the current design techniques and construction methods to build the frame structure. The column is clamped by two strip beams, and then built on the column. At the same time, the mutual load bearing is used to disperse the structural force. Formed a jagged and balanced frame and column shape. This form implies a "system" framework of law. Both the exhibits, the text content and even the pedestrians walking in the hall are proof of the time trajectory existing within the system framework. And leave and record traces of existence and development.

This design did not break the traditional understanding from a strong visual point, but tried to break through the consciousness of psychological restraint on the basis of respecting the traditional people's cognition. In order to create a "museum" that falls into the routine, we want to build a "book shelf" that is deeply rooted in the people. We also look forward to the future we can design more "non-standard museum" projects.

The space in the staircase uses a contrasting design technique to build a very pure and bright space using the language of the building. The white staircase space creates a lot of voids, using the natural light of the stairway to be introduced into the building, and at the same time using the warmth of natural light to make the space dull. A traffic space with a strong sense of ceremony and faith has been established.

Project Name: Frame Order Location: Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province Location: Xinanli, Shengzhou Road, Qinhuai District Area: 400 square meters Design company: Architect design Main case design: Xu Zhichao Design team: Lu Feng, Ren Zhi, Chen Lei Photography: Wang Haihua, EMMA Design time: April 2019 Completion time: November 2019 Type: Museum Material: solid wood veneer, cement paint, terrazzo tile,






项目名称: 框序







摄影: 王海华,EMMA





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